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Lost though you may be can you and your team make it for dinner July 9 or 10? :)


We need to know we are lost before we can be found. You are more fortunate than those who are lost but do not know it.
With the grace of God and the encouragement of friends you will be found.
[A friend.]


hi there.. its been long since you blogged.. I was wondering what happened to you and am glad you are okay. I'm sorry to hear how you have been feeling..and coincidently I'm feeling a lot like that too..because I hate my office and sometimes I feel like I dont know what I'm doing and feel miserable..but at the same time I always remind myself that I am so blessed in many other ways.. I guess when the world seems to close in on us, we just have to reach out and hold God's hand so that He can pull us up into the sunshine once more :) God Bless

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