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Mr Yap,

Life's journey is full of mountains and valleys.... Most of the time I spent now is in the valleys waiting in vain for the next ascend to the mountain top.... But for some fleeting moments in the day, I see that the light shines through in the eyes of the children in the Paediatric wards.... The only thing keeping me sane now is my daily track from my home to the wards and the smiles awaiting me.... But a friend of mine also gave me this, a gift of a paper box, telling me to write my problems and put them into it, presenting them to God and let him think it through... He'll provide.... Great reading your blog again, I miss ENT

PS : Have you watched the movie titled the Miracle Box yet?


Hey Kev.. nice of you to drop by. What you describe sounds a bit like bipolar illness! It's ironical, isn't it, that the profession most about restoring/preserving life is also the one that kills it? It's up to us to MAKE our experiences meaningful and our encounters with people and everything else a gift.


different people have different ways of being bored or depressed..LOL we blog and you do something else! :) God Bless!!


Sometimes it takes darkness to make us see light. All we have to do is to open our eyes, unfiltered, wait patiently, and we WILL see.

Take pride in seeing the glory of the little things that God has made... A gentle breeze, a butterfly's flight, a child's radiant smile, morning dew on the trees. God has given much, and in all the little things, take comfort that He's still there right beside you, walking with you all the way.

Don't let the world blind your heart... instead let Him open it. All you have to do is ask.

Take care and God bless.


Amen, Yoke Yeow. :)


Everyone's got their highs and lows. Unfortunately, our line of work and the hours probably cause many of the lows. But don't doubt yourself and the service you're providing.
Keep your chin up. God Bless


Thanks all for your empathy and encouragement. It's great to know I have such wonderful people out there to count as friends. Just knowing that gives me a boost!


well, i tend to write nonsense when i have really nothing to say. or else i just write about what i see around me.

it's almost like i have a 1-post-a-day quota for my blog!

cheers! :)


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thank you!

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